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ING Pegasus Plus Card

ING Pegasus Plus Card


Card Types

ING Pegasus Plus Card

To benefit ING Bonus Card advantages while accumulating FlightPoints...

ING Bonus Card

To earn free shopping as you spend and to repay in installments...

ING Cash Card

To shop, withdraw money from ATM's, and to perform banking transactions...

Other Card Types

ING Bonus Card, with varieties that earn more bonus, is at ING...

ING Bonus Card Features


  • No fees, no commissions, 
  • Instant loan at Teknosa! 

Cash Advance with Installment

Instant solution for your emergency cash needs...

Split into Installments

To split outright payments into installments with ING Bonus Card...

Other Features

ING Bonus Card features which will make your life much easier, are at ING...

Card Campaigns