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ING Pegasus Plus Card

ING Pegasus Plus Card

Earn 1% Flight Points on your all expenditures, and 2% Flight Points on your flights with Pegasus Airlines, while also taking advantage of Pegasus Plus membership privileges. 

Please visit your nearest branch for a quick and convenient application.


  • You earn 1% Flight Points on all product and service purchases with your card, and 2% Flight Points on flights with Pegasus within the scope of Pegasus Plus flight program.
  • 1 Flight Point is worth 1 TL. Flight Points can be used for all kinds of product and service purchases on Pegasus. All Flight Points over 5 Flight Points can also be used as discount.
  • ING Pegasus Plus card has the features of ING Bonus Card. So, you earn bonus as well.
  • No annual card fee.
  • You can also apply for ING Pegasus Plus Card by SMS. To apply now, all you have to do is to type PGS, leave a space, type your TC Identification Number, and send it to 2205. Ex: PGS 12345678910.